The USB cable from power adaptor can be plugged into a PC and a serial terminal program will display the menu self-generated by the module firmware this allows an alternative method of Setup programming using a PC or laptop also you can monitor or diagnose all SMS and AT commands working.


Note this cable also supplies 5volt for module operation. Free computer software is available See AppendixA


A Menu is displayed once fully working on the network. The terminal is in monitor mode and all traffic and automatic commands will be displayed.





























At Powerup, AT commands are generated automatically by software and start off with waiting for signal until the network is connected, this progress can be monitored for diagnostic observation.
































SETUP    Press  S and you will be asked to select List or Program/Modify

The program data is arranged in the following order for List or Template Entry.

 During Program/Modify existing data can be skipped by Esc key before any character is typed

 For phone security the default recovery code should be changed and recorded.


Entering Setup data by PC Terminal allows template data entry to eliminate errors


































SETUP DATA STORE        International number code Required for incoming caller ID


Master Phone Number                   614xxxxxxx                        614 = AU code master phone call ID.   


Recovery Code                                  R12345                                  R + 5 digit pin, default=R12345  


Member Phone Number              614xxxxxxxxx                   [Press Esc key to SKIP]    (61 = Aust international code)

                                                                                                     Enrol a new member Phone number  Y/N?    [or press Esc]


Entry Code                                          xxxxxx                                  (optional)  4 to 6 digits for temporary access


Entry Hours                                       xxxx xxxx                          (optional) members restricted entry time window


DOOR/GATE pulse time                 3                                           (optional) 1 to 9 secs 0=latching                               

ACCESS and Alarm Triggers                                                         INPUT triggers are L=Loop/ B= Break/ T= Terminated 10K resistor

                                                                                                                Terminated triggers on both loop or break for security


INPUT1 Trigger                                  L                                              default is  L =  Loop to trigger (or not used)


TIGGER1 delay                                   xx1                                         (default 1sec)  001 to 255 seconds.


ALARM1 Call                                       614xxxxxxxx                       Required if input 1 triggered

                                                                                                                 (national mobile  example Aust 614 dialed).


ALARM1 Message                            cccccccccccccccc               Up to 16 alpa-numeric characters.



INPUT2 Trigger                                  L                                              default is L = Loop to trigger (or not used) 


TIGGER2 delay                                   xx1                                         (default 1sec) or  001 to 255 seconds.


ALARM2 Call                                       614xxxxxxxx                       Required if input 2 triggered

                                                                                                                (national mobile 614  dialed).



ALARM2 Message                            cccccccccccccccc                --  Esc saves if less than 16 characters entered.                                                                                                                                  


REPORT                                                N,N                                        Default is No,   Y for first  entry,  Y for exit  Reports (E + address ).


ADDRESS                                            ccc- 40 char –ccc                Address of Premise can be appended to The Alarm message.

Enter key will split address into lines,  (enter counts as a as 1 character),  Esc completes entry before 40 chars.


Firmware updates are done by usb serial cable, in the terminal monitor mode just follow menu prompts Free computer software is available See Appendix A


 The current Flash firmware version is contained on CD, file  3G V0118.s19,  The V0118 is month and year of the version.

Any new update may be received by EMAIL and can be dragged to be used in a easy to reach location on the desktop.

 And the 3geasy built in bootloader is protected so that flash mishaps are always recoverable. 



























User sent message text (OPEN) Operates relay or Latch or Gate entry.  We are in pc monitor mode
























Input trigger sends outgoing message to recipient mobile.

NOTE ; this process is automatic and we are in pc monitor mode.




APPENDIX A   (computer Terminal program required for usb programming)


Before connecting the USB please install the driver provided (FTDI CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe) on the installation CD. The driver is from FTDI and can also be downloaded

After the driver has been installed the module and USB can be connected.

See appendix A for Com port allocation if required.


Although other generic Terminal programs can be used I recommend TeraTerm as being the easiest to use.

A copy of this program is ready for installation on the CD provided also including TeraTerm licence and copyright. Only TeraTerm part of the application is required, just accept default install.


See Appendix A for Com port allocation and terminal setup if required. (say com4)

 Com4, 19200baud, 8bit, 1stop, and no flow control.  Also set 0ms char delay and 50ms line delay to avoid overrun during flash update if ever required.   Technical help by phone is available and can be organised by email


This is the best Terminal setup and can be replicated by copying the file setup.ini from the cd to the TeraTerm folder.





Optional. A better accessible serial port can be re-nominated provided it is not hardware connected to a computer device (Com1 or inbuilt modem) and even if the port is reported as being previously used two usb devices can be allocated the same com port provided they are not connected at the same time.





PJM end