PATRONIC Electronic Control Development



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Important Network Information                                                                                                                             
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Free unlimited Gate or door openings

This unit is designed to receive commands from a mobile phone to access or operate a roller shutter, door latch,

The owner or Master can allow other phones   up to 100 numbers to become members so that they can also have access but not control.

Members can also be restricted access hours.



Security floodlight or start a machine remotely with the security that only the owners mobile phone can activate it.

There are two output relays which can be operated for these tasks.



Can be used at an unattended substation for access control and equipment malfunction reporting.

Two separate input can be triggered to report Machinery, Power fail, Fire or Water level, Unauthorised Entry, can all be reported as a SMS alarm message to the Master Phone or Base unit.


Programs and design changes to suit your special requirements can be quickly developed and can be updated by email for flash update as required.



1 x Control Module in Case with Sim5216A (for Optus request Sim5216E)

1 x USB 240v to 5v CHARGER

1 x USB power and Data cable

1 x Aldi Telstra $5 prepaid Simcard (Inserted) Included is unlimited incoming calls for 1 year and 40 outgoing report calls via Telstra mobile network:  Prepay can be used to increase SMS outgoing by $15 for 125 calls @ 12c each and unlimited incoming calls.

CD and Instructions.






3G GPRS MOBILE NETWORK WCDMA UMTS   << click to see Function List  

This NextG engine module uses SIM5216 wireless module on  UTMS/WCDMA/HSDPA dual frequency bands.

SIM5216A 850/1900mhz frequency band, / SIM5216 E 900/2100mhz frequency band, /SIM5216J 850/2100mhz frequency band,

WCDMA for SMS M2M (machine to machine) communication.

Unit is plugpack powered by mobile charcher DC 5v USB power adaptor to the mini USB on the 3G-EASY module.

Average current 35ma, peak 200ma at message

ALDI SIM (Telstra), or OPTUS or VODAPHONE card  is preinstalled and requires registering and activation on website


Please register SimCard online and follow the instruction on the ALDIMOBILE  or OPTUS or VODAPHONE pack.

Take note and save the allocated phone number and password, also setup the phone number as a Contact on your mobile phone.



QUICKSTART  THE 3GEASY MODULE    << click for print veiw       


Starting at factory Initial setup with a activated SIM card, the module is powered up and Red led flashes, then Flashing Orange led is attempting connections.  Wait 10 seconds for the GREEN Led to flash (at 3 secs) to indicates logged on to the mobile network provider.

Then your Master mobile phone should be ready for use.

RED LED at startup, not connected to module SIM5216

ORANGE LED short flashes while trying to connect to network upt  30 seconds to connect.

GREEN LED short flash each 3 secs Network connected OK

BLUE LED fast flashes for 10 seconds on accepted commands.

RED LED long 5 sec flash for error or not acceptable




If the Sim is activated then upon plugging in the charger the Green led should start to flash every 2 seconds  if  successfully connected.

The first mobile incoming call is registered as the MASTER, when the message START  is accepted on a new or factory reset Unit;  Also be known as PAIRING . The Master phone number is automatically  set for Input1 and Input2 AlarmTrigger reports.

Your 3GEasy is now able to, (1)Operate Access relays , (2)report  Alarms, (3)send Test calls upon request.





 Yellow is initial setup and Master pairing.

 Green marked commands can only be issued from the Master Mobile Phone,

 Blue is for Access commands for all registered Member Phones .

This unit uses the caller ID mobile number for all activations to guarantee security.


All SMS setup commands are not case sensitive. For convenience low case can be used when typing.

    When sending SMS commands don’t key in a new line Arrow: Rotate rightat the end of the message.


START  At Purchase or after FACTORY RESET, The first calling mobile to SMS the text  START  to the mobile number of the installed simcard;  That mobile will be the Paired Master and all program options are at default with no members assigned.  (MEMBERS text command must be sent to enrol other users).

After REASSIGN or RECOVER the first mobile to send a SMS with the text  START will take over as Paired MASTER maintaining all existing programmed data


MEMBER     At any time Master can open member register to allow registration of a single mobile which call in with the                   message JOIN.  Enrolment then closes.

MEMBERS   At any time Master can open member register to allow registration of any mobile which call in with the                           message JOIN.  The command END is used to close enrolment or auto closes  after midnight

MEMBER 614xxxxxxxx  Master can Enrol a member  directly without using the JOIN function.

TEMP  xxxx     Master can set a numeric entry code 4 to 6 digits.  This allows any mobile to activate OPEN. By sending                                 code  xxxxxx.  Code auto cancels 1minute after 1 entry use.

TEMPS  xxxx   Master can set a numeric entry code 4 to 6 digits.  This allows any mobile to activate OPEN. By sending the the code  xxxxxx. Multiple entries can be made until the Master cancels the code by sending the SMS  END

END     Master can terminate New Member Enrolment or Temporary Entry Code


SECURITY  xxxxxx  Enter your personal recovery PIN code  (xxxxxx 6 digits) as a recovery to a new phone in the case of lost or stolen master phone.  Note 123456 is factory default.    (This recovery code should be changed and saved to allows a new phone to take over if previous phone is lost, it is also used for security in USB to computer access.)

RECOVER  xxxxxx     The 6 digit security pin number SMS command by a new or changed mobile allows a New Master to take over using the  START command.  This command is for the purpose of changing the master phone registered number say in the case of LOST PHONE. See also REASSIGN command.


REASSIGN     Allows a new master mobile to take over by calling in with START All settings remain the same.


FACTORY RESET   Master can reset all data back to factory setting and all recorded numbers will be erased and settings   back to default including the security pin number.



 JOIN During member registration period any mobile texting JOIN will be enrolled as a member for Entry access function

                For confirmation of a member enrollment Press Enter after command then enter your name
                 If the name is entered the Member number, phone and name will be sent by SMS to the Master.
                 Enrolled members can also be selected by member number for alarm reports see CALLM1 or 2 

OPEN   Registered mobiles can SMS OPEN and Relay 1 will operate for set time or (default) 3 seconds.

CLOSE   Registered mobiles can SMS CLOSE and Relay 2 will operate for set time or (default) 3 seconds.

ON1    Operate RELAY1.  If Relay1 is not used for entry then it is free for say lights, alarm reset etc.

OFF1   Release RELAY1


ON2    Operate RELAY2  operate lights, alarm reset etc.

OFF2   Release RELAY2


LATCH x  Master can set relay 1 strike pulse time from 1sec to 9 seconds (default 3) for Open/Close . 

EE TIME xxxx xxxx   Set a Entry access time window hhmm  hhmm (24hr from 0000 to 2400).

               Start time to finish time.  Only the master can enter all hours. 


REPORTOP    Open reports the first Open of the day by SMS to the Master

REPORTCL    Close reports by SMS to Master. 

REPORTOF   Cancel Open Close report


RINGON        Open on 3 rings (call not answered but is checked for valid caller ID before activation for Open)

RINGOF          To remove Entry Access by Ring simply text ringof 

CALL1     Set an alternate number for Input1 trigger to call (default was Master phone)                

                  example:        call1  61490770321   (use Aust international code 61 for 0 prefix)

                      Multiple call up to 10 members  Rostered for reporting  of a Input1 trigger 

                       example:  call1 M.     Call to 5 members out of first 10


CALL2      Set an alternate number for Input2 trigger to call (default was Master phone)

                 example:        call 61490498627  (use Aust international code 61 for 0 prefix)  

                 Multiple call up to 10 members  Rostered for reporting  of a Input trigger

                  example:   call2  M.    Call to maximum of 10 members,  0 is master 


POWER xxS    Report AC power Fail with delay between 10 and 99 Seconds.  (Battery must be fitted for standby power)

POWER xxM   Report AC power Fail with delay between 1 and 99 Minutes (Eg- 1M  upto 99M)

POWER 0         Turn off Power Fail report (zero is entered as time)

                    If  POWER FAIL is reported then POWER RESTORE message is sent 20 seconds after Power Restored


LIST            Lists up to the first 10 Member phone numbers

LIST x         List the next 10 number groups from 1 to 9   ( up to 100 members can be listed in groups of 10 )

                  LIST 9   is the last group 91 to 100 members


DELETE  xx   Delete Member number xx from the list.  (example  delete 13)

                       A vacant position for that member is left and will be filled by next new member to join.


CALLIN        Master can dial in and make audio call to connected speaker and microphone unit for conversation.

CALLOUT    By press Emergency Call Button a voice call is made to the Master or nominated phone number.

CALLOFF     Remove Audio Call facility, (this is the default)





MESSAGE1    If a message is sent by SMS by the Master mobile, then a trigger on Input 1 will generate a SMS message to the Master Mobile number.    Note :Arrow: Rotate right is new line


                                          example:        message1  Arrow: Rotate right

                                                                            power fail 


            All case is converted to uppercase so for convenience lower case is acceptable.

             { Power fail }   16 or less characters, total message including spaces . 

                After the last character Do not use Arrow: Rotate right new line key, just press Send.


 MESSAGE2 If a message is recorded then a trigger on Input 2 will generate a SMS message to the Master Mobile number.


                                          example:         message2Arrow: Rotate right

                                                                        pump failed


 ADDRESS   If an Address is recorded it will be added to any input trigger report

                    There is no restriction on exceeding 16 characters in a line,  or using Arrow: Rotate rightnew line. 


                                                example:                address Arrow: Rotate right

                                                                                        18 country place Arrow: Rotate right 

                                                                                        smalltown Arrow: Rotate right



Loop on Input 2   SMS Call generated to Master mobile or nominated alternate

This will report---        PUMP FAIL                  

                                      18 COUNTRY PLACE


                                             NSW    2478                                                                                         


  TEST   Sent from the Master Generates a TEST SMS call to the Master mobile with signal strength, Firmware version and address that was programmed to the unit.

           TESTM Sent from the Master Generates a TEST SMS call to Multiple Members as per multiple alarm call setup.


       This will report---          TEST Q:13

                Ver M0,14/04/18




                                          18 COUNTRY PLACE


                                     NSW 2478


        Q is signal strength and should exceed Q: 06, 

      M0,14/04/18 is Model and firmware version date.

      Power is ON

      Input 1is OK / Input 2 is Faulted.

      Key switch or alarm panel is ON / Emergency call button is Released

     Premises Address


BTON   BLUE TOOTH ON,   Multiple 3GEasy Fleet owners or IT experience owners can connect a laptop via BlueTooth

               This allows --  Monitor of communications, Diagnose, Change settings,  Flash Update program, Backup and restore data.    

                BTON command allows the pairing and connecting a Laptop Terminal program to the 3GEasy unit.



 New Commands  can be implemented by request.  firmware updates will be available via Internet and email.


Maximum relay contact current is 30 volt at 2 amp,

For 240 volt switching use separate powered  isolation relay or solid state device installed by a licenced electrician.


For advanced programming options, monitoring of communications and technical diagnoses AND new program Flash update,  please refer to the TECHNICAL PROGRAMMING GUIDE and USB

connecting to Laptop or PC computer.              click>>>>


Firmware updates or new features can be sent by email and Flash installed by connecting usb to computer no special equipment needed


A programming template can be set up in notepad and sent by ordinary terminal proram (HyperLink or TeraTerm) to the 3GEasy unit via the usb connection.


A custom modification unit can be used as a Base Station Unit to record all alarms and Alerts to computer.